Living With Coral

Fresh, vibrant, young, optimistic – all describe a New Year and the opportunities it brings for us. They are also what perfectly portray the ultra gorgeous Pantone colour of the year that is here to reign over our wardrobes in 2019 – Living Coral! Pantone, a company best known for its colour matching system is […]

Beating The Blues

What goes up must come down! This is an irrefutable truth that seems even more real when our year end high comes crashing down as we tread back to work and reality! Pushing pause on our love affair with the duvet and pyjamas and bursting the self created bubble of comfort we must face the […]

Head Over Heels

Few can resist the charm that accompanies Valentine’s Day. A day when red isn’t just a colour and love is all around! Valentine’s is all about showing the people you care for, just how special they are – and that includes you! Significant others are good, but V Day doesn’t have to be restricted to […]

Dress to Impress

The month of April represents all that is new and clean! It also heralds the time of the year when some of us are leaping to higher positions and many more are making the shift from student to recruits in shiny new jobs. Whether you’re interviewing for a new placement or getting appraised for a […]

Keep Calm & Travel

There must be a reason why May rhymes with vacay. Exploring a new town, discovering a taste for a new cuisine or finding a new favourite thing to do can rekindle the dwindling zing in your life. So whether you chose a bustling metro or a soul cleansing mountain town to explore we have the […]

Add To Cart

The world at your fingertips is no longer just a figure of speech. Searching for online inspiration for your #OOTD or what the ‘IT’ shoes to flaunt are is now just a click away! And Lemon & Pepper has some delicious tips on just the kind of keys you should be hitting to get the goodies to […]

Love Ties

The month of August brings with it festivities lined up to make the coming months as colourful as they can get. It’s that time again when your infuriating other half AKA your partner in crime AKA the only one who knows all the pains your least favourite aunt brought or how to hide the good […]

Size Does Matter

Shoe shopping is the extra spice sprinkled on our lattes that adds the zing to our day. No matter how challenging our lives are, when you get the perfect pair to complete your look (and your life, we say) things just fall into place. But when it comes to shoe size the national average tolls […]