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The perfect bag is like the exclamation at the end of your sentence, it makes people notice you without being obvious. But totting around multiple bags throughout the day for your laptop, office and then later is just not happening. What you need is a bag that works as hard as you, one that carries all your 9-5 essentials and more, including your laptop (what!) and looks good doing it. Bringing bags that mean business, Lemon & Pepper introduces for the very first time its stylish new range of laptop bags for the women on the go.

Size does matter – The most obvious point to consider, ensure the bag is large enough to fit your laptop comfortably. If you’re the type who is always looking for the next swanky upgrade of your electronics then the safest bet would be to go for the largest size. Even if your machine is smaller, it would just mean more space for other stuff (Yay!) Our new range comes in a whopping 12″ x 16″ size that will take care of it all for you.

Take the weight off – Most bags come with a standard handle design that is convenient for short periods but for the long haul ensure that you select a bag that has both handles and a shoulder strap option. Nothing feels better than hands free comfort when you’re rushing to catch that connecting flight. With our new range you get both fantastic options of a hand held and a shoulder strap, wear it the way you want.

All aboard – If you are looking to replace your gorgeous office bags and totes with a trusty laptop bag then the least it must do is have enough room for all our everyday essentials (charger, wallet, lipstick etc). Ensure that the one you chose has enough space for multiple items to fit comfortably even with the laptop inside. Our new roomy laptop bags come with dual compartments leaving no want for space.

Ease of access – Apart from the main compartment a good bag absolutely must have an additional quick reach pocket for those tiny items that you need to remove multiple times a day. A compartment with easy access to essentials like money, ID or your phone will sort out your life way beyond imagination. All of Lemon & Pepper’s laptop bags come with a handy zip enclosure at the back

Stylish to boot – Our laptop bags are available in three gorgeous colors and two amazing finishes. Chose from a Navy BlueRose Pink or Forest Green. The satin finish presents a stunning sheen and the faux leather finish provides a rich and luxurious exterior to the bag. To top it off all our products are 100% vegan so you have the choice to be fashionable and conscientious.

No more do laptop bags conjure up bulky and boring images of fashion monstrosities. With Lemon & Pepper’s subtle and classy collection your bags will now set the standard of where need meets want. So weather you’re looking for a practical option or want to carry an expression of your style, this 2020 is beginning on a high note for you.