Keep Calm & Travel

There must be a reason why May rhymes with vacay. Exploring a new town, discovering a taste for a new cuisine or finding a new favourite thing to do can rekindle the dwindling zing in your life. So whether you chose a bustling metro or a soul cleansing mountain town to explore we have the pro tips that will help you slay your holiday looks!

Beach vibes only

An all time favourite, there is something very appealing about the cool sea breeze caressing lazy toes on a sandy beach that takes all your worries away. Match those sea winds with breezy sliders and open toe shoes that will go a long way to accompany you on those long sunset walks and lazy (or crazy) poolside parties! Pick a maritime themed tote with awesome nautical stripes that will make you look and feel at home as you sail into the sunset on your sundowner cruise. Feed the explorer in you with our latest and coolest collection of shoes and bags for your beachy vibes this summer!

Natural highs

Being in the mountains and getting away to a higher level appeals to your inner yogi. Exposing yourself to elements that are pure and pristine allows for an automatic soul cleansing experience. Be sure to pack comfy shoes to be your partner on long hikes and treks. Carry all the stuff you need and more in our roomy and stylish tote bags that are light on the body and super comfy to carry along. And if you’re the minimalist kind then our cross body bags are the perfect thing for you. This is also the best reason to unpack those super cool boots that have been hibernating in storage.

New city Mantra

A new trend that is catching up now-a-days is doing a 180 and vacationing in the middle of a busy metro – Think NYC, Tokyo, Mumbai! These megacities provide a full on sensory and cultural experience. Savor all that the big city has to offer with a stylish day bag, or even better a trendy tote to fill in all your shopping. For all else, your sling will work just fine. For the loads of walking that invariably will be done, we recommend you go for comfy soft soled flats that look cute and flirty and make you feel good all day. And of course when it’s time to hit the night clubs we have the super glam heels that will make you look and feel like a goddess! Add on a slinky sling and the night is yours to take over.

So no matter what your cup of tea is, pack smart and make sure with each trip you leave a part of you behind and bring back a part of the place with you – isn’t that what travel is all about?