Love Ties

The month of August brings with it festivities lined up to make the coming months as colourful as they can get. It’s that time again when your infuriating other half AKA your partner in crime AKA the only one who knows all the pains your least favourite aunt brought or how to hide the good chocolates when your cousins visited, celebrates you being in their life. Rakshabandhan is the special occasion when you celebrate your worst enemy growing up becoming your best friend, confidant and guide in life. And as is custom, when the sister ties the rakhi to her brother’s wrist she is presented with a promise of lifelong care and a gift! More power to such awesome brothers!

But, we at Lemon & Pepper wonder what about those girls who instead have a sister or even a super bestie who personifies the same beautiful bond. She has been your constant all this while and it makes utmost sense to pamper her on this day! Who doesn’t love the joy and anticipation shining in the eyes of a person when you give them the perfect gift? Imagine that in the eyes of your lovely sister who is but an extension of you, or even that best friend who is always there when you need her, and even when you don’t. We can get on board with the #SisCode that is brewing in the air! Don’t we?

In fact, why even wait for your sister / best friend / or for anyone really to get you the perfect gift. Get the bag you’ve been lusting after for so long and bag those amazing pair of shoes that you needed justification to buy. We give you the perfect reason to! Self gifting – the rising trend amongst all PYT’s who don’t wait for life to happen to them, they go out there and make it happen. So, let that shine twinkle in your eye as you gift yourself a piece of joy to celebrate this occasion or simply because!

Heralding the celebratory season, there are new collections in stores and online for the taking. Lemon & Pepper features some very fancy new footwear options in gorgeous new hues and materials that add the perfect amount of formal flair in the revelry and make your walk the talk of the season. Our new range of bags is ideal to pair with your festive outfits and is just the thing to be seen with.

Every superhero needs a costume. And every superheroine needs the perfect pair of shoes that help her to carry the weight of her worries and look awesome doing it. So all you wonder women and super girls, go out there & celebrate the sisterhood.