Size Does Matter

Shoe shopping is the extra spice sprinkled on our lattes that adds the zing to our day. No matter how challenging our lives are, when you get the perfect pair to complete your look (and your life, we say) things just fall into place. But when it comes to shoe size the national average tolls at a very medium 37. We can’t help but wonder, where do the odd sized girls get their fix from? There are regrettably sparse options for the big or tiny footed girl to shop for her dainty two. Getting a good pair –better yet a cute pair, is more than just an annoying problem!

Large footed women seem to get a lot of unsolicited advice from the not so large ones. “Flats won’t suit you” or “you simply shouldn’t wear pointy shoes or sandals”. And if you’re on the other end of the spectrum then it’s a constant snickering of “lucky you, kid’s shoes have a good discount going on now!” Veiled exclusion is something everyone with non average feet have definitely felt at least once. And that was our light bulb moment, when we at Lemon & Pepper realized that there is no specific standard of beauty. Women with feet of all sizes deserve more options, period! Enter our pioneer and very inclusive range of footwear that covers the entire scale from A to Z.

Our new options cover all the imaginable styles right from statement mules to breezy open toed flats, ankle hugger block heels to awesome wedges, big or small, we have it all! Lemon & Pepper has recognized the increasing demand for fashion forward footwear in inclusive sizes and curated this large collection – pun definitely intended- with great care keeping comfort and style on the forefront.

Gone are the days when you have to bear the pain of pinched toes just to feel taller in your dress pants or when you have to fall back on your trusty insoles to get you to speed just so that you can ‘adult’ your feet! (We’ve all been there). That is just a depressing way to live. Our new collection bridges the gap that has been glaring at us up till now. You can find suitable options for every occasion and need in sizes starting from a 33 going all the way to an amazing 43! Talk about getting a whole lot more shoe for your money.

So all you size-challenged girls don’t hide what you have. Wear the shoe with pride and strut around to show the world that normal is now boring because at Lemon & Pepper we don’t only embrace oddities, we celebrate it!