Tote-ally Awesome

If there is ever a time where you get to pick only one bag for the rest of your life we would undoubtedly recommend a totally awesome, totally versatile and totally effortless Tote bag! A tote can be an easy breezy carry on for your weekend date with the beach, your sturdy and roomy back to school buddy or the luxurious embellished must have that makes you a showstopper, its only really the one bag anyone will ever need!

Like all amazing inventions, the tote bag was also first created for a completely different purpose than what it is today. The word tote actually means “to carry” and during the 19th century the word changed from being a verb to a noun. In the 40’s the famous brand L.L. Bean came up with the idea of a large, sturdy, double canvas ice bag (this is still around!) that became an absolute hit with people who began using it to carry anything it could fit! Come the 60’s the tote bag had already established itself as an icon of an entire social and cultural movement. The new and improved Bean satchel with its tweaked styling was an instant favourite. Additional trims like zippers, leather bottoms and prints were added on.

No other accessory nails versatility like a handy tote. Classy enough to take to work and roomy enough for your laptop, the right tote can carry you from boardroom to bar without breaking a nail (why waste precious happy hours right?) While they all come in a wonderful XL the material options you have are mindboggling. You could go leather, canvas, tan or even plastic but choose keeping in mind the place, occasion and most of all your personal style. Lemon & Pepper brings help with a fabulous new range of totes to match all your plans.

With all the space for your must have travel essentials and more, a tote is not just an accessory – it’s a travel staple. Some of the more high-end designers have created what can be called as trophy totes that are some of the most coveted bags in the market right now! With history and celebrity endorsements (and ours too) it’s needless to say the tote is the super bag of today’s times! So get on the tote train to know what it’s all about and know that when you find the perfect one you’ve got it in the bag!