Wedged In Comfort

“One pair is fine for me” said no girl ever!! And we are sure you agree.

Isn’t it always the best day when we find the perfect shoes that invigorates our soles and doesn’t cost us our soul? Something that is just the perfect blend of looks and style, with a lot bit of comfort thrown in? That is exactly what our topic-du-jour is – Wedges. These little multi taskers can blend into any occasion, look, situation or requirement and sweep you off your feet (metaphorically of course!)

Wedges are the true love child of fashion and comfort. They also provide more choice in colours, heel height and materials than any other shoe silhouette. We are proud to have in our palette the absolute best that wedges have to offer. Be it metallic to shine through at your bestie’s wedding or open toed beauties that can make you a hit at your brunch, sensibly styled for your work place or gravity defying hotties that will make sure you’re the walk and talk of the party! The way we see it, if you can flaunt tapered and toned looking legs all day (or night) and still end the evening without killing your feet, well then win-win!

Another major plus point for wedges is that they are highly acceptable work heels. Fashionably formal yet sexy in a subtle manner, they let you look your poised best even when you are in front of a daunting audience during a presentation or face your appraisal with your best foot forward!

This revolutionary design was the result of a steel shortage when in the early 1940s designer Salvatore Ferragamo played around with cork as the heel and created fashion history. Resurfacing in the spotlight every decade or so, in renewed avatars, his invention now holds place in almost every shoe closet around the world. As they were coveted by major Hollywood celebrities he came to be known as the “Shoemaker to the stars”

So how come wedges are so comfortable, immaterial of the heel height? We’re glad you asked! Wedge shoes provide impeccable balance even in their tallest version, a fact possible as they cover the entire sole of the feet and not just the heel. This unique profile is also the reason your feet don’t feel mauled after spending hours in them.

So don’t just take our word for it… actually do, we are after all the experts! Check out the wide range offered at and channel your inner style sensei to make the obvious choice when it comes to dressing stylish and smart.