Beating The Blues

What goes up must come down! This is an irrefutable truth that seems even more real when our year end high comes crashing down as we tread back to work and reality! Pushing pause on our love affair with the duvet and pyjamas and bursting the self created bubble of comfort we must face the adult fact – no matter how good Christmas feels, Santa really doesn’t exist! But my dearies, there is no need to worry because all is not as blue as it seems. Research proves that our creative juices are at their max after a break! And it doesn’t hurt to remember that all are in the same boat. In fact you are in for a special treat as Lemon & Pepper has some reasons for you to smile and some easy tips and tricks to battle the blues.

Don’t dive off the deep end! Remember, that the longest journey begins with a single step. And we are going to take baby steps here. Don’t resent the end of holidays; the next mini break is just around the corner! If it is an option, start work mid week – a shorter week seems less overwhelming. In the mean time pre plan, lay out your outfit for the next day before you sleep. Set the alarm five min earlier to be ahead of your game. And most importantly ditch the late night wine and dine plans and get a good night’s sleep.

Retail Therapy Magic! The most reliable cure guaranteed to beat any kind of downer; this is the best thing you can do for an instant pick me up! Seasonal sales are the perfect excuse to get new clothing or footwear and we assure you, you will actually want to go to work the next day!! And if, like us, you have more shoes than closet space, you could always go for a sexy new bag that would rest on your arm but put a spring in your step. See, magic!

Get bold, beautiful! Experiment more and discover a new you, let this be an addition to your resolution list! Ditch those flats and start wearing heels to work, Lemon & Pepper ensures you don’t have to compromise comfort for style here. Buy the tote you’ve been lusting over. Wear that new lipstick and hold your head high as you feel the power surging through you. The best moment to reinvent you is NOW!

Take a break! Now it’s not how it sounds really. Before work engulfs you, for the first few days, ensure you take your lunch break at the correct time. A quick half hour with good food and conversations with friends will make the work day seem less daunting and allow you to slip into work mode easily. Now that’s what you call a win – win!

They say, do what you love and you won’t work a day! However not all of us are blessed with the chance to do what we love. Add a dash of style, a dollop of planning and a sprinkle of excitement to make the dreariest day seem promising! This secret recipe is so effective to get your mood up, we swear by it, and now you will too!