Head Over Heels

Few can resist the charm that accompanies Valentine’s Day. A day when red isn’t just a colour and love is all around! Valentine’s is all about showing the people you care for, just how special they are – and that includes you! Significant others are good, but V Day doesn’t have to be restricted to any one person. Love is for sharing, and share we shall this year! In this season of love what better way to begin than some self indulgence? Nothing makes you more awesome than when you recognize your own beauty. Splurge on that new tote you’ve been crushing on or get the season’s rage- a coral top or dress and make yourself feel like the plat du jour!!

Not part of a twosome – make it a whole squad then! Make plans for a crazy night out with your besties. Go to a night club and dance the night away. Take it one notch higher go on a club hoping spree making the most of the night! Let Lemon & Pepper‘s super comfy heels be your partner in crime here, because with us comfort doesn’t have to be compromised for style. And if such boisterous entertainment is not your cuppa, there is a plethora of alternates. Choose from a standup comedy show or workshops for art, baking or pottery, the list is endless and at your fingertips.

If handling overcrowded restaurants and endless lines is not your idea of a good time, do a 180 and don’t venture out. Stay in with your troop and plan a movie marathon with margaritas and chocolate party or plug in the karaoke player and watch the night take off. And who says your cant glam it up? PJ party is just a term. Don your glitziest outfit along with a full face and the tallest of heels, break out the bubbly and gear up for a major gossip session in full couture. Dress up for yourself and have the most glamorous house party ever!

Love is in the air, and it’s the perfect reason and season (with the dwindling cold) to pack your overnight bags and head out. Go glamping-another reason to bring out those boots, and get close to nature with zero compromise. Open air theatres and under the star music nights are the perfect way to enjoy nature’s bounty and get our fill of wholesome entertainment.

So whether you’re single, a couple or somewhere in between, celebrate by falling in love with yourself first and you can make every day as magical and celebrated as Valentine’s Day!