Living With Coral

Fresh, vibrant, young, optimistic – all describe a New Year and the opportunities it brings for us. They are also what perfectly portray the ultra gorgeous Pantone colour of the year that is here to reign over our wardrobes in 2019 – Living Coral! Pantone, a company best known for its colour matching system is the global authority on colour coding and forecasting. They sift through many influencers before announcing the colour of the year that readies the palette that would dominate fashion portals globally. This year’s winner, Living Coral, epitomizes optimism and joy and is versatile enough to be a bold statement of self expression or provide a subtle streak of colour to zest up a neutral look. Moreover, it is a positively warm colour that compels us to return to nature in an increasingly mechanical and electronic world. We at Lemon & Pepper fully agree with this spirited and social colour choice and are especially excited to embrace this stunning shade into our lives and looks.

A combination of Pink and Orange with gold undertones, Living coral resonates femininity and power. Creating the perfect balance between warm and vibrant, it can be worn in literally any way and still be beautiful. Opt for an outfit in this colour and it balances beautifully with nude or pastel shoes or bags, seamlessly creating a match made in fashion heaven! Alternatively it pairs superbly with black and prints as well, miraculously turning into the subtler shade, showcasing a tasteful edginess that can provide a powerful impact.

Seeing as we will soon usher in the Spring/Summer season, Coral is perfect to showcase a carefree and whimsical look, one that every millennial is looking to sport on a relaxed weekend. Select supporting wear in this effervescent colour and see the magical pop it adds to your overall appearance. A dainty coral sling draped on your shoulder can be your companion at a brunch or a sundowner. While in a corporate setting or an after work sojourn, throw in a dash of coral in your shoes, earrings or if you’re feeling bold, a jacket even to spice up your look while maintaining an aura of informal chic. Few can boast such versatility!

Although it might not be the perfect shade to incorporate in fall fashion due to its natural effervescence and bounce; that is a challenge we shall deal with when we reach there! In the meantime let this naturally energizing and dazzling shade resonate with your inner youth and shine it out for the world to see.

Happy 2019!